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Teaching Methodology

Teaching Methodology

Teaching Methodology

Each student possesses a unique combination of multiple intelligences. Our integrated teaching methodology nurtures a stimulating learning environment to encourage students to learn at higher levels. We focus on integration of knowledge, development of critical thinking, problem solving, performance skills and value based education.

Regular Classes & Workshops -

Each class starts with little warm up session and followed by thorough knowledge & explanation of that particular chapter and further assignments / homework which are application based . Projects are prepared by the students for a deeper insight into various topics. Workshops are conducted for students to emphasize on problem-solving through interaction and exchange of information.

Mission Transformation (MT) Batch –

Transformation strategy is about making drastic and significant changes. A separate batch named “ Mission Transformation” is formed for such students who are unable to read and write as per set standards of that particular class. Students are taught the basics and fundamentals of each subjects to make their basics clear and to cope up with further course. A fixed number of students from each class are selected for this MT batch.

Olympiads Preparatory Classes:

An Olympiad helps students to analyse their strengths and weaknesses based on their performance in the nationwide or international level examination. These exams provide an absolute assessment of students' knowledge and motivate them towards academic improvement. To prepare students for various National & International Olympiads we at MBI arrange Olympiads Preparatory Class for each class on weekly basis.

Smart Classes -

Smart class is a digital initiative by Next Education which provides a comprehensive solution in meeting day to day classroom challenges and enhancing student’s academic performance with simple, practical & meaningful use of technology. Smart class is powered by a vast repository of digital instruction materials exactly mapped to meet with the specific objectives laid out by different state learning standards. The content repository consists of thousands of highly animated, lesson specific, 3D and 2D multimedia modules built with an Instructor-led design that allows the teacher to effectively transact the lesson in a typical classroom of diverse set of learners.

Extra Classes for Weaker Students -

Remedial classes are taken for weak students. In this the teacher devotes extra and quality time to academically weak students at their own initiative. The teacher strictly monitors day to day working of the student .For better interaction between the Teacher-Student, such classes have been arranged. These periods allows the children to spend more time with their class teachers to discuss and come up with their problems.

Students’ Performance & Attendance Tracking -

The performance of all the students is reviewed by the class teacher and school principal, and efforts are made to strengthen teaching, and/or provide extra teaching as needed. Reviewing student attendance in connection with performance, and advising students to not to miss any class is a regular practice at MBI.